A Squeeze of Citrus

single macaroon

Crush 33 is finally out and I was asked to become inspired by our beloved citrus family, and develop 4 recipes using these gorgeous vitamin C packed fruits.
First up was the Lemon macaroon filled with a tangy lemon curd. I really love this recipe as its super easy and doesn’t require any sugar syrup making or the use of a sugar thermometer. The lemon curd filling is also a refreshing alternative to the traditional buttercream filling thats is usually used.

Lemon curd macaroon

Next up was the trending Cronut. The cronut is basically a croissant-doughnut pastry which is the latest trend. I decided to create an easy cheats version of the cronut using puff pastry and filled it with an orange liqueur infused custard. It was Absolutely delicious!


I then decided to use the Clemengolds as my next inspiration and came up with one of my favorite desserts up to date: Clemongold and salted almond brittle semi-fredo. My kind of summer dessert.

Clemongold semifredo

The last but definitely not least was yet another clemongold inspired recipe: Crepe suzettes with clemengold segments. this served with mascarpone is the perfect winter dessert.

Clememgold crepe suzettes

All recipes above can be found in the latest issue of Crush.

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