Amarula Chocolate Fondant

Amarula Chocolate Fondant

I was with my husband enjoying one of my most favourite desserts, chocolate fondant, when my phone beeped with an email asking if I would like to participate in an Amarula gifting competition. I quickly skimmed over the email and I immediately new exactly what I was going to create.

The challenge from Amarula was:

  1. What would inspire you to give Amarula to someone special and why?
  2. Who is that special person and,
  3. How would you give it to them?

Well it was my mother who first introduced me to Amarula through her Spiced Amarula Malva Pudding. She gave me the recipe when I was still in my teens and I now make the very same nostalgic recipe several times a year. I still love experimenting with other desserts using Amarula as a key ingredient. Considering that, I knew that this competition was the perfect opportunity to attempt to create a recipe that is as equally as good as my mom’s. I could then give the recipe to my mom as a gift, like she did for me all those years ago.

Inspired by the chocolate fondant I was eating at the time and the Gourmet doughnuts with an Amarula custard centre recipe I recently developed, I came up with the Amarula Chocolate Fondant!

What could be better than a soft centered chocolate pudding with an even softer Amarula truffle center oozing out??

I’m pleased to say that it was a triumph and I look forward to giving it to my mom in a hamper with a bottle of Amarula, my recipe for Amarula Chocolate Fondants and a box of homemade Amarula Chocolate Truffles to be inserted into the chocolate fondants just before baking.

Amarula Chocolate Truffles



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