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ginger beer bbq sauce

Sticky chicken wings is one of my all time favourite quick and easy weekday meals. 30 minutes in a hot oven, while you prepare a healthy coleslaw of some sort and you’ll have yourself a ’30-minute meal’ ready in no time. Here’s my recipe for Ginger Beer BBQ Sauce which is a perfect marinade for […]

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kassler and parmesan cheese croquettes

I developed these Kassler and Parmesan Cheese Croquettes for the latest issue of Crush. They paired perfectly with the CBC beers and are seriously addictive. One is just not enough. I Really should make these more often. But its probably a good thing that I don’t. When I worked in Holland, these became my go-to snack whenever I […]

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Slow Cooked 3 Meat Ragout Sauce

I never used to be a fan of Spaghetti Bolognese. In fact, I used to detest anything made from mince – meatballs, burgers, nachos, beef tartar! However, since buying only the best free-range, natural and grass fed meat from my local meat merchants, Frankie Fenner, I must admit that I have overcome my phobia of […]

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Going Organic

Crush issue 32 is out! If you’re a lover of chicken korma, slow braised oxtail and sweet and sticky pulled pork with crackling, this Crush issue is for you. I was asked to develop recipes that would pair well with three local organic wines; Stellar Organics, Reyneke Organic and Earthbound Organic wines. Chicken Korma Bunny […]

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