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Video – The Classic Margarita Pizza

Check out this video I made with Michael Le Grange from Flat Art Studios of how to make a classic margarita pizza. I think it is a quick, convenient and funky way to view recipes. [tube][/tube] My fiancée used to be the kinda guy that would order the large 4 meat pizza with extra bacon, avo […]

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Prawn Bisque Pasta

Pasta seems to be one of those meals that I end up making when I can’t decide what to make for dinner. Mostly because I’ve um’d and ahh’d for at least 45 minutes, before realizing that I’ve run out of time to make anything else but a quick pasta! So this one is one of […]

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ROSTI – The Perfect Hangover Meal

Definition: A Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes. Origin: Switzerland. Meal type: Traditionally served for breakfast, but now more commonly served as accompaniments. It was my last night in Gstaad, which lead to a few more glasses of champagne… The folowing morning, we all woke up with a minor hangover to say the least, and […]

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The Best Homemade Pita Breads

  Last week I had two of my good friends pop over for a casual dinner. I really was planning on making an easy pasta, but had far too much energy so thought id make my favorite pita breads for them to try! I came across this recipe while cooking in California last year and […]

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Spicy Calamari, Chorizo and Chickpea Linguini

I have just returned from an amazing trip to Switzerland where I not only cooked up a storm but also ate out at some amazing restaurants in Gstaad. Last Monday evening, Ashton (my fiancée) was waiting for me at arrivals with a huge bunch of flowers and a Vida (which he mistakenly drank…). He had […]

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Slow cooked shin of veal

Gstaad has one of the finest butchers I have ever seen! Their selection of meat is outstanding…and the staff so incredibly friendly! What I love most about this particular butcher is that he basically decides my ‘menu du jour” for me! Awesome! He greets me with a huge welcoming smile and begins to show me […]

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