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spicy mussel linguine

My husbands a huge fan of Spaghetti Vongole, but unfortunately fresh clams aren’t as readily available as black mussels. So I created this dish for him and he’s completely hooked. The spiciness of the rich tomato and fennel sauce compliments the white wine steamed mussels so well and it really is perfect for Summer Al […]

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Slow Cooked 3 Meat Ragout Sauce

I never used to be a fan of Spaghetti Bolognese. In fact, I used to detest anything made from mince – meatballs, burgers, nachos, beef tartar! However, since buying only the best free-range, natural and grass fed meat from my local meat merchants, Frankie Fenner, I must admit that I have overcome my phobia of […]

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Steamed Mussel Linguine in Spicy Tomato Sauce

So I’m finally back in Cape Town after having an exciting 2 months of cooking in Switzerland. I have still got quite a few pictures of recipes that I developed while being overseas, so will promise to blog about them all very soon. Today’s recipe is one that was a favourite amoungst the guests and […]

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Spicy Calamari, Chorizo and Chickpea Linguini

I have just returned from an amazing trip to Switzerland where I not only cooked up a storm but also ate out at some amazing restaurants in Gstaad. Last Monday evening, Ashton (my fiancée) was waiting for me at arrivals with a huge bunch of flowers and a Vida (which he mistakenly drank…). He had […]

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