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mushrooms on toast

I could easily become a vegetarian because of these little gems. Mushrooms are so versatile and there are a hundred different ways to cook them. From roasting whole with a little garlic, thyme and butter to sauteeing with a little chopped onion and adding to risottos or soups. These wild mushrooms on toast are so […]

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cumin spiced flatbreads

For todays meat-free inspiration I give to you my recipe for flat breads. A little time-consuming, but very easy to make. These are great for serving alongside chickpea patties (falafels) or as a substitute for rice when making curries. I sprinkled the top of these flatbeads with cumin seeds just before grilling, but you could […]

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Spicy Butternut soup

Spicy Tom Yum Butternut Soup

Tom Yum paste is one of my most favourite ingredients. It is a hot and sour Thai paste made up of fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime, fish sauce and chilli. I was given a jar of it from my friend Kerry, who works at The Foodbarn, and I have been […]

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Video – The Classic Margarita Pizza

Check out this video I made with Michael Le Grange from Flat Art Studios of how to make a classic margarita pizza. I think it is a quick, convenient and funky way to view recipes. [tube][/tube] My fiancée used to be the kinda guy that would order the large 4 meat pizza with extra bacon, avo […]

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ROSTI – The Perfect Hangover Meal

Definition: A Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes. Origin: Switzerland. Meal type: Traditionally served for breakfast, but now more commonly served as accompaniments. It was my last night in Gstaad, which lead to a few more glasses of champagne… The folowing morning, we all woke up with a minor hangover to say the least, and […]

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