Home-made Honeycomb Dipped in White Chocolate

Home-Made Homeycomb

Home-made honeycomb may sound quite daunting to try make, but let me just reassure you that its one of the easiest, quickest and most impressive little sweet treats you could possibly create.

I used to make countless trays of these gorgeous golden honeycomb shards when I was working as a chef in one of Cape Town’s renowned 5 star hotels.


We used it in so many different ways from dipping the honeycomb in melted dark chocolate and sprinkling with toasted coconut, or topping the freshly made honeycomb with finely chopped salted almonds, to even crushing it up and folding it into homemade vanilla ice-cream.


A couple of honeycomb shards dipped in white chocolate, packaged beautifully with a thank-you note from the bride and groom also serves as a great idea for wedding favours.


Click here to view the recipe


This Post was especially written for The Pretty Blog

Photographer: Catherine Mac

Food Stylist: Luisa Farelo Hayes


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