Le Good Life


Last Tuesday night I accompanied Ash to the launch of JC Le Roux MCC Brut, which was held at The Lookout, V & A Waterfront.

Well I was very impressed!

We parked at the Lookout and were ‘shuttled’ off to the actual venue (which really wasn’t that far away) and welcomed with a Mojito type cocktail, while we waited in the lobby for the other guests to arrive.

We were then taken in groups of 10 through a maze and brief explanation of the MCC process, which lead us into the Event.

I was in heaven. I was offered my first glass of JC Le Roux MCC Brut and was very pleasantly surprised. It is very refreshing and has a rich yeasty tone (which I love) with fruity pinot noir flavours.

Dish food was catering and came around with crispy tomato and mozzarella risotto balls, Parmesan frites with truffle dipping sauce and a few more canapés.

Anel from 5fm welcomed us formally and just as I though the event had come to an end, the stage opened up and behind it was a jazz band, full on casino, bars and 2 food stations!

Well, I was completely blown away…waiters kept topping up my glass and I must say that the food from Dish was unbelievable…from mini sirloin and chips, Caesar salads, and spiced grilled lamb cutlets to chocolate and banana pancakes and red velvet cupcakes.

Ash and myself played a couple tables, jack black, roulette and some other game that I really didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing (I just kept betting and rolling the dice), but unfortunately lost all our fake money.

After probably my 4th (ok 5th) glass of Brut, it was time for us to call it a night. An event well done and an MCC that I’m sure to have again, most probably with tonight’s dinner as I’m having a few friends over for some home-made pitas! Should pair beautifully!

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