Salmon, Avo and Sprouts Rice Paper Wraps

rice paper wraps

For the past couple of days I’ve been on trying to eat as healthy as I can, cutting out sugar and bad carbs and eating more fruit, vegetables and fish. My body literally has been crying out for a healthier lifestyle in general.

So for the past few lunches I’ve been making rice paper wraps and filling it with different ingredients.

A super quick and easy, no cooking needed filling is:

Smoked salmon, avocado, mung bean sprouts, carrots and baby spinach.
(Picture above)

All these ingredient tightly wrapped up in a rice paper sheet and served with soy sauce (and a sneaky side serving of good home-made pesto) is the perfect light and healthy lunchtime snack.

Below is another recipe that I also LOVE to make and in fact will be making this tonight for dinner!


Makes 8

8 rice paper wraps

1 Tbsp (15ml) sunflower oil

1 Tbsp (15ml) ginger, finely chopped

250g firm tofu, drained and cut into 2cm strips

250g shitake mushrooms, sliced

2 Tbsp (30ml) soy sauce

1 Tbsp (15ml) mirin

2 carrots, peeled and sliced into thin strips

1 cucumber, deseeded and sliced into thin strips

15g coriander, washed

15g mint, washed

soy sauce to serve

Heat a pan over medium heat with a little oil and gently fry the ginger for a few seconds.

Add the tofu and mushrooms and fry until golden.

Add the soy sauce and mirin and allow to reduce.

Remove vegetables from pan and set aside to cool.

Place 1 rice paper wrap in a bowl of warm water for about 15 seconds to allow to soften.

Once soft, remove from water, place on a clean surface and pat dry using kitchen paper.

To assemble: Place a few carrots, cucumber, coriander and mint in the middle of the wrap and top with a little of tofu mixture.

Fold ends in and roll up firmly to enclose filling.

Repeat with remaining wraps.

Serve with soy sauce.

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