Video – The Classic Margarita Pizza

Margarita Pizza

Check out this video I made with Michael Le Grange from Flat Art Studios of how to make a classic margarita pizza. I think it is a quick, convenient and funky way to view recipes.


My fiancée used to be the kinda guy that would order the large 4 meat pizza with extra bacon, avo and any other ingredient you could possibly add on a pizza, except for olives (he cant stand olives). Until last year, when I introduced him to the all time, Classic Margarita with homemade tomato base sauce, buratta cheese and fresh basil.

I had just returned from New York where clients of mine treated me to the very well known Grimaldis Pizza (under the Brooklyn bridge). We literally had to queue for an hour before getting a table – which apparently isn’t that long of a wait as the restaurant is THAT popular! It was honestly the BEST pizza I have EVER had…in my LIFE!! I was inspired to replicate it and prove to Ash and everyone else that less really is more on a pizza, when using only the BEST ingredients of course.

Now this may seem like far too much of a mission, but trust me, its not, and its so worth it! The tomato base takes exactly 8 seconds to put together and then you  simply slow cook it for 4 hours in the oven.

I usually make my own dough, but lately have been buying it from Knead in Wemberly Square – its almost as good * wink wink *.

And then theres the main ingredient…Buratta. Buratta is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. Its so luxurious that a friend of mine even passed the comment: “This pizza tastes like fudge”.

You can see the recipe in the video above and trust me , you will never want to eat another 4-meat pizza again!


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